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Thursday, February 15, 2007

15/02/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST

- VIALKA track 1 from split with khruzenshtern i parohod
- BEAUTY PILL quote, devout unquote (from "you are right to be afraid"/dischord)
- JESSE gone fishing (from s/t LP/rugger bugger)
- LA QUIETE lettere che avevo intenzione discrivere (from tenpeun 01-05 CD/)
- BONNIE PRINCE BILLY wolf among wolves (from "master and everyone"/palace/domino)
- FOURTET sleep, eat food, have visions (from "everything ecstatic"/)
- DR JOHN THE NIGHT TRIPPER croker courtbullion (from "gris-gris"/atco)
- BLACK SABBATH killing yourself to live (from "sabbth bloody sabbath"/vertigo)
- HUSKER DU hardly getting over it (from "candy apple grey"/warner bros)
- OUT COLD another empty nothing (from "permanent twilight world"/kangaroo)
- RAIN worlds at war (from "state of the union"/dischord)
- CAPN'N JAZZ oh messy life (from "an aphabet apolo thology"/jade tree)
- THELONIOUS MONK mood indigo (from "plays duke ellington"/riverside)
- KARATE track 6 from "in place of real insight"/southern)
- VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA (from 12" w/jackie o motherfucker/textile)
- CHOPS he's got the whole world in his glands (from sle-released CDR)
- SOCIAL DISTORTION when the angels sing (from "white light white heat white trash/sony)
- JEN WOOD three thorns torn (from "getting past the static")
- TAMING POWER 5-5-05/7-5-05 (from "three pieces" 10"/early morning)
- MATES OF STATE what i could stand for (from "my solo project"/polyvinyl)
- KHRUZENSHTERN I PAROHOD track 7 (from split w vialka)
- PINK FLOYD us and them (from "dark side of the moon"/EMI)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

01/02/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST

- NICK DRAKE road (from "pink moon"/)
- TRANS AM the campaign (from "the surveillance"/city slang)
- JAZZFINGER little altars everywhere (from 12" w/orin deforest)
- KID DYNAMITE copout (from "shorter faster louder"/jade tree)
- BIG BUSINESS track 6 (from album on hydrahead)
- ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT don't darlene (from "circa now/cargo)
- THE BIRTHDAY PARTY figure of fun (from "BBC sessions")
- THE WILDERNESS (from 7"/jagjaguwar)
- BELA EMERSON scythe (from 7"/slightly off kilter)
- PENTANGLE in time (from "anthology"/logo)
- JOHNNY CASH drive on (from american recordings/american)
- 7 HERTZ blackamoor (from self-released CDR)
- A HAWK AND A HACKSAW oporto (from mix cdr)
- FUGAZI in defense of humans (from "state of the union"/dischord)
- TORTOISE Djed (from "millions now living will never die"/city slang)
- SAGE FRANCIS pitchers of silence (from "personal journals"/anticon)
- SWANS in my garden (from "children of god"/young god)
- DARKTHRONE in the shadow of the horns (from "ablaze in the northern sky")
- JELLY ROLL MORTON kansas city stomp (from "library of congress recordings"/rounder)
- SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON stop right now (from "more real folk blues"/chess)
- DUFUS heaven is waiting (from "the last classed blast"/iron man)
- HUSKER DU turn on the news (from "zen arcade"/sst)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

25/01/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST


- SHUDDER TO THINK red house (from "funeral at the movies"/dischord)
- OFF MINOR my recovery (from 7")
- WOODY GUTHRIE I ain't got no home in this world any more (from deja vu retro gold collection 2CD)
- SPACEMEN3 walkin' with jesus (sound of confusion)(oblivious participant)
- REDS side B track 1 (from "is/means"/sncl)
- JUANA MOLINA martin fiero (from album on domino)
- JOE LALLY lidia's song (from "there to here"/dischord)
- ANIMAL COLLECTIVE tikwid (from "people" CDEP/12"/fatcat)
- CERBERUS SHOAL/MAGIC CARPATHIANS track 2 from their split CD
- ENNIO MORRICONE once apon a time in the west (1968) sergio leone
- JOE LALLY there to here (from "there to here"/dischord)
- CROSSED OUT force of habit (from discography CD)
- BUCK 65 wicked and weird (from "talkin honky blues)
- MC WATT untitled (from LP on lancashire and somerset)
- DAVEY GRAHAM grooveyard (from "afterhours at hull university")
- HOT WATER MUSIC minno (from "forever and counting"/no idea)
- THE VITAMIN B12 miles out of your way (from "the slightly off kilter label" sampler)
- GLENN GOULD back goldberg variations, var 15 (glenn gould edition/sony)
- JOE LALLY reason to believe (from "there to here"/dischord)
- SIGUR ROS flugufrelsarinn (from "agaetis byrjun"/fat cat)
- PICASTRO meat (from "red your blues"/monotreme)
- BOSTON something about you (from "s/t"/epic)
- WIPERS when its over (from "youth of america"/3CD box set/zeno)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

18/01/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST


- FUGAZI blueprint (from "repeater"/dischord)
- GRAILS redlight (from "redlight"/neurot)
- BIG BUSINESS track 1 (from "here come the waterworks"/hydrahead)
- NARWHAL guild of taxidermists (from 7"/superfi/sncl etc)
- SONIC YOUTH unwind (from "washing machine"/geffen)
- BOB DYLAN visions of johanna (from "blonde on blonde"/CBS)
- ANIMAL COLLECTIVE people (from CDEP/12"/fatcat)
- SHUDDER TO THINK rain covered cat (from "get your goat"/dischord)
- COLLEEN the zither songs (from "mort aux vaches"/staalplaat)
- music boxes of long ago: skater's waltz/boccaccios march/wine women and song/10"/nixa records)
- POLICY OF THREE improv culture kill (from discography/ebullition)
- BLACK EYES some boys (from 7"/ release the bats)
- MATT POND PA lily two (from "emblems"/b-unique)
- CANVAS to spite her face (from "lost in rock"/household name)
- THE PENNINES john peel (from "both sides of the pennines")
- COLLEEN the ukelele song (from "mort aux vaches"/staalplaat)
- JAMES BLACKSHAW transient life in twilight (from a mix cdr)
- GOLDIE AND THE GINGERBREADS take my hand (from "girls with guitars"/ace)
- MCWATT last song (from s/t/lancashire and somerset)
- BILLIE HOLIDAY them there eyes (from "all of me"/jazz greats)
- VARESE nocturnal (men of the prague philharmonic choir/sarah leaonard sop) (from "complete works/ricardo chially"/decca)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

11/01/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST


- ENABLERS five o'clock sunday (from "end note"/neurot)
- BIG BUSINESS track 5 (from "here come the waterworks"/hydrahead)
- SUICIDAL TENDENCIES two-sided politics (from "s/t"/virgin)
- IVOR CUTLER beautiful cosmos (from "jammy smears"/virgin)
- I'M BEING GOOD angels on our shoulders (from tour CDR)
- CHARLES MINGUS wham bam thank you ma'am (from "oh yeah"/atlantic)
- JAMES BROWN nature boy (from "godfather of soul"/spectrum)
- SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON nine below zero (from "more real folk blues"/chess)
- WIRE marooned (from "chairs missing"/harvest)
- PANDA BEAR bro's (from 12"/fat cat)
- SHIKARI nieuwe politiek #2 (from split 7" w acao direta/website)
- NATIONS ON FIRE give me back (from "world of greed... land of need/trustkill)
- STEELY DAN kid charlemagne (from "the royal scam"/abc)
- ROBBIE BASHO pavan hindustan
- FLYING SAUCER ATTACK sally free and easy (from 12" EP on drag city)
- BIG STAR nightime (from "third/sister lovers"/rykodisc)
- THE EVENS no money (from "get evens"/dischord)
- CHEVAL DE FRISE untitled (from la lame du mat/minority)
- DANIEL HIGGS o come and walk along
- LOW condescend (from "songs for a dead pilot"/kranky)
- YANN TIERSEN la valse d'amelie (from "amelie OST")
- STILL LIFE breathe (from "the incredible sinking feeling..."/grey day)
- BLACK HEART PROCESSION once said at the fires (from "three"/touch and go)
- SONIC YOUTH kissability trilogy pt b hyperstation (from "daydream nation"/blast first)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

04/01/2007 : SHOW PLAYLIST

Ant, Dave

- TOM WAITS a sight for sore eyes (from "foreign affairs"/asylum)
- FUCKED UP crusades (from "hidden world"/jade tree)
- THE NORTH CROSS improvisation (recorded by david armes)
- SIGUR ROS hoppipolka (from 12"/fat cat)
- THE EVENS cut from the cloth (from "get evens"/dischord)
- THE FANTOMAS AND MELVINS BIG BAND good morning slaves (from "millennium monsterwork"/ipecac)
- ELECTRO HIPPIES escape (from "peel sessions"/strange fruit)
- LOBI TRAORE duga (from "mali lolo/stars of mali"/smithonian folkways)
- THIS HEAT horizontal hold (from peel sessions)
- BILLIE HOLIDAY god bless the child (from "all of me"/jazz greats)
- BLACK SABBATH sweet leaf (from "master of reality"/castle)
- DALEK from mole hills (from "from filthy tongues of gods and griots"/ipecac)
- THE BISSEROV SISTERS elenko mome malenko (from "the hits of the bisserov sisters"/musicator)
- MANUEL J GROTESQUE track 10 (from "flic flac no core le mont perdu"/galerie pache)
- STEVE REICH violin phase (from "new york counterpoint/8 lines/violin phase"/BMG)
- VACA BLANCA papa (from st lp/galerie pache)
- JOHN CAGE for M.C. and D.T. (from "complete piano music vol. 4"/DG scene)
- BELLE AND SEBASTIAN the monkeys are breaking out the zoo (from "colours are brighter"/rough trade)
- ALLUN ouverture (from "onisted"/galerie pache)
- FINAL FANTASY track 2 from "he poos clouds"
- GAMELAN SEMAR FROM KETEWEI legong lasem (from "music of bali"/lyrichord)
- TINDERSTICKS tiny tears (from "donkeys 92 to 97"/island)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

21/12/2006 : SHOW PLAYLIST

Ant, Matt, Dave

- MUZSIKAS hidegen fujnak a szelek (cold winds are blowing) (from 'the prisoners song'/hannibal
- GONG fohat digs holes in space (from 'camembert electrique'/virgin)
- INCA EYEBALL anus clean (from 'quattro symbolos'/spirit orr)
- LEATHERFACE books (from "minx"/roughneck)
- SUNNY MURRAY hilariously (from s/t lp/get back/esp)
- GROUPER untitled track 5 (from 'way their crept'/free porcupine)
- WENDY CRAIG the tale of jemima puddle duck (from 'tales of beatrix potter'/music for pleasure)
- THE FLAMING LIPS a change at christmas (say it isnt so) (from 'blue christmas'/mojo)
- WIRE map ref
- NECROS public high school (from "IQ32"/dischord/touch and go)
- PG.99 skin pack (from "document 5")
- ADOLF NOISE zuviel zeit (from 'pudel produkte'/pudel records)
- matt and helen
- JESUS DO DOS petit pois (from s/t/galerie pache)
- SUNNY CHILLINGWORTH moana chimes/pa'ahana (from 'rough guide to music of hawai'/rough guide)
- ERIK SATIE three distinguished waltzes of a jaded dandy (played by bill quist/windham hill records)
- COCTEAU TWINS ice blink luck (from the album "heaven or las vegas"/4AD)
- NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS babe, you turn me on (from 'the lyre of orpheus'/mute)
- DON CHERRY smilinh faces going places (from 'mu: second part'/byg)
- POLARIS you don't know things (from "s/t"/gringo)
- ABDESLAM CHERKAOUI ya hbibi malek sahi (lover, why are you so forgetful) (from 'arabic tradition in moroccan music/unesco)
- YO LA TENGO sudden organ (from "painful")
- JOHN COLTRANE my favourite things (from "my favourite things"/atlantic)